Visitor Quotes

Utterly enchanting time spent learning about Dylan and his influences. Wonderfully knowledgeable guides - highly recommend everyone who has an interest in Dylan to experience this
Rachel Davies
A Wonderful experience. 5 Cwmdonkin Drive is to 'Dylanites' what Graceland is to Elvis fans!
Nigel & Tina Ludkin-Yoxall
Something for everyone here! A writer's holy place, but also a wonder of life in Wales, lovely!
Kimberly, Kim, John Crumb & Jim Garts (Tennessee & Kentucky, USA)
You have both done a fine job on a magnificent house. I'm sure it hasn't felt this way for a long time. Thank you for a lovely stay.
Kathryn Clarke (South Wales Evening Post)
It's been wonderful staying here. It's a dream come true for me. You have done a wonderful job restoring the house and chose beautiful furniture.
Sue Lee
A wonderful tour of a beautiful house! It really evoked the era of the writing and I am sure it will inform my understanding of his work.
Jordan Hughes
A very moving experience. I was taken back 76 years and, it's almost a private thing. The guide is very much 'in tune' with this house, people and time.
Wales' first world literary heritage site
It was a great privilege to stay in this unique place. Not just a 'labour of love' but a triumph of imagination and sympathy. So much of Dylan's poetry is illuminated here. Many writer's houses feel chilly and artificial - museum pieces. This house is alive!
Boyd Tonkin (Literary Editor of The Independent)
Such a memorable moment seeing where Dylan was born. As a Welsh child I used to read his poetry in Cwmdonkin Park hoping that some of his genius would seep into my veins. It hasn't yet but I am now a published writer and still waiting for the genius gene to find me. A fascinating tour
Linda M James
Diolch heaps, lovely setting and watching the same old sea in Swansea Bay from Dylan's house. Mental!
Cerys Matthews (Musician, Author & TV Presenter)