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Below is a list of links that may be of interest. This page is ever expanding so check back often. If you have found the links useful please let us know. If you wish to add a reciprocal link please email us.

Dylan Thomas Festival

News of what is happening in the Swansea and South Wales is from the Dylan Thomas Festival site. Visit The Boathouse at Laugharne where Dylan Thomas wrote many of his later works. He is buried in Laugharne Churchyard.

Clyne Farm Centre

Clyne Farm Centre is our mother company - we have self catering cottages, a small campsite and activities including Challenge Valley - the muddiest assault course in the world!!, horseriding, archery and lots more. The official author's residence for the Dylan Thomas Prize

Marigold Costumes

We thank Marigold Costumes for supplying us with the period style clothing used to give our visitors the feeling that Dylan has just stepped out of his tiny bedroom.


The BBC is where Dylan's broadcasting career was launched. Their site is full of useful information about Dylan and events that are going on at present.

Dylan Thomas Project

Dylan Thomas as a pop star? Take a look at the Dylan Thomas Project - innovative music using Dylan's own recordings (Exit US will haunt you) and a thought provoking modern play.


Dylan Thomas lived for a short while during the Second World War at Newquay where there is a Dylan Thomas Trail but is this where Matthew Rhys trained for the film Edge of Love?


A much modified Fishguard was used as the location for the fictional town of Llareggub in the 1973 film 'Under Milk Wood' with Richard Burton as the narrator.

Alliance of Literary Societies

The Alliance of Literary Societies (which held its 2002 AGM in Swansea) list the Dylan Thomas Society among its members.

Dylan Thomas Centre

We like to think that Number 5 gives a feeling of Dylan - the man. For the facts about his life visit the Dylan Thomas Centre and take a stroll through the exhibition Love the Words.

Dylan's Bookshop

All the books old and new are at Dylan's Bookshop and on the famous Dylan Book Bus including first editions. We are grateful to Jeff Towns for permission to use the portrait of Dylan used as a background on the pages of this website.

The Official Dylan Thomas Website

The writing shed at Laugharne

Visit the official website about Dylan Thomas on behalf of his family and estate at Discover Dylan Thomas

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